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Android casinos expect Panasonic smartphone
Panasonic droid

Android casinos will soon add Panasonic to the list of their supported devices once the new smartphone from the Japanese company hits the shelves.

Panasonic has been absent from the smartphone arena frustrating fans of mobile casinos, who love Japanese precision and style found in Panasonic phones. The company released a teaser mock-up of the upcoming phone along with a few specs.

The prototype of the phone is a real treat for eyes of mobile casino games enthusiasts, sporting an ultra-slim design. The available pictures suggest under 8mm thickness. The back of the upcoming phone is curves providing a sexy design.

Android casinos

The new phone is expected to be powered by Android, Ice Cream Sandwich is a safe bet. The 4.3 inch AMOLED screen with qHD resolution is also a popular rumor. The new phone will come with NFC capabilities and will also be water and dust resistant.

The camera resolution is still a mystery, but some sources tell fans of Android casinos not to expect one of Lumix cameras with optical zoom, let’s hope they are wrong. The phone is expected to enter European market in March 2012 and more smartphones from Panasonic are due to follow. Overall, the company aims to achieve 1.5 million sales in 2012, quite an ambitious figure.