Security bug in Android
Security Bug

Mobile gamers scared that the security loophole found in Android OS will damage their mobile gambling experience.

The news about a security bug in iOS devices hasn’t cooled off yet, and already there are rumors that Android devices suffer from the same illness.

Fans of mobile casinos were shocked to find out that an application within the iOS device can copy the entire photo library of a use and upload it following a simple request for location information saved within photos and videos.

The bug was uncovered by the team of The New York Times investigators, and now they are back with similar suggestion about the Android casinos gambling tools. The Android problem is much more serious: the built in app can not only access the photos, but can simply post them on a website, not even letting the user know about this.

Industry insiders, worrying about the future of mobile casino gambling, contacted Google to learn more about the problem. The company stated that Android’s design facilitates access to the user files due to the fact that older smartphones had memory cards built-in them.

Currently, a growing number of Android devices have fixed internal storage, so Google plans to solve the issue by adding permissions for applications before they can access the images inside the phones.

Mobile casino games fans argue that the photo access process is no different than the way videos and images can now be accessed on a desktop computer. However with Google’s growing monitoring of its apps such a free access becomes more and more worrying. Quit spying, guys!