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Apple rumored to consider large iPhones
5.7-inch iPhone

While most of iPhone rumors are now concentrating on the next generation smartphone, there’s also words about possible larger devices.

A recent report from Reuters is saying the Cupertino company is seriously considering making iPhone mobile casino tamers with larger displays. To be more specific: 4.7 and 5.7-inch screen devices, which may come as early as next year. And, of course, there’s again talk about a cheaper devices as well.

So far, Apple hasn’t commented on the possibility of larger iPhone mobile gambling devices, but we have no reason to doubt a source such as Reuters. Especially when all Apple competitors are already making large-screen smartphone, it seems only logical Tim Cook and go will jump on to wagon as well.

Currently, Apple is fighting a wealth of battles against competing 4.7 – 5 inch smartphones, and their previous move (iPhone 5) away from the 3.5 inch format has shown that the company is considering alternatives.

As for the “cheap iPhone” this speculation is already over a year old. Indeed Apple is considering launching such a device, possibly in a plastic body, to address growing competition from Android side. However, it’s yet to be revealed what comes first: a new gen iPhone or this cheaper alternative. Some sources put the price for the plastic mobile casino tamer at around $100, which will make it a quite competitive alternative to numerous mid-range droids.

Further rumors are suggesting that if Apple didn’t already start testing the iPhone 5S and the cheap device, it will do so in the very near future. Thus making a September launch a pretty plausible date.