biggest blackjack events this year
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Let’s explore the biggest blackjack events this year together! 

Blackjack is a highly entertaining game where you can find any sort of entertainment. Whether it’s about the best online blackjack games, tournaments, or any other events – you will definitely have fun! Yet, make sure you learned the basics before you start. Blackjack is a game of skill, hence, you need to be ready before you join any of the blackjack games or events. The more skills and knowledge you have, the higher your chances to win are. Thus, gather as much data as you can, improve your skills and you will get more chances to win big at Blackjack! 

Nevertheless, it’s still important to know where you can participate to win big. As we just said, blackjack is not only about one game. There are different types of the game and different tournaments where you can participate. Therefore, research about them too to find the best events. We have discovered some of those for you.   

Biggest Blackjack Events This Year – Weekly Blackjack Tournaments at Omni Casino

Weekly Blackjack tournaments at Omni Casino are one of the biggest blackjack events this year. Starting from June 6, Omni Slots Casino was holding the tournament weekly for three weeks. The overall prize pool of the event was $1000. The prize was separated into three parts and the players picked every part of it in the particular categories.  

All Omni Slots players can have a chance to join the tournament and there is no need for the buy-in. Every participant receives a point for every euro/dollar/pound that they bet. Then, on the basis of the game points number, the winners will be chosen. The average number of bets matters as it affects the prize payout size later. 

Here is the prize pool: 

If the average bet size is $3-5: 

  • 1st place – $75
  • 2nd – $45
  • 3rd – $30
  • 4th – $25
  • 5th – $15 

If the average bet size is $5.01 – $10 

  • 1st place – $125
  • 2nd – $90
  • 3rd – $50
  • 4th – $35
  • 5th – $20

If the average bet size is higher than $10

  • 1st – $200
  • 2nd – $120
  • 3rd – $80
  • 4th – $60
  • 5th – $30

You will receive all your rewards in your account. It’s worth saying that Omni Slots is one of the best casinos to play Blackjack. So, you definitely need to check it out!

$50,000 Prize Pool Blackjack Tournament

Next on the list of the biggest blackjack events this year – $50,000 Blackjack tournament. The event took place on June 11. 

biggest blackjack events this year
Did you heard about this event? Picture Source: Wikimedia

The buy-in for the tournament was $100. The 1st prize holder received $20,000, 2nd – $10,000, 3rd- $5,000, 4th- $5,000, 5th to 8th – $2,500 each. One of the 2021 best blackjack tournaments was held in the Remix Lounge. There were 45 chip leaders and additionally 16 guests. 

Blackjack Tournament With the Prize Pool of $25,000!

Another great Blackjack tournament worth joining had a share of $25,000 in cash! The first-place holder will get $10,000 in cash! The limit – one entry only. 

  • 1st place – $10,000
  • 2nd place – $5,000
  • 3rd place – $3,000
  • 4th place – $2,500
  • 5th place – $2,000
  • 6th place – $1,500
  • 7th place – $1,000

The money from the reward was based on 168 entries though. 

Crazy Vegas Held One of the Biggest Blackjack Events This Year

Another blackjack tournament we would like you to know about is the blackjack tournament held at Crazy Vegas Casino! Crazy Vegas Casino frequently holds different tournaments. And one of those was Blackjack Attack. If you love Blackjack, you would definitely love the tournament! 

Any blackjack player playing for real money can get the chance to participate in the tournament. The tournament’s prize pool of $500 sounds very attractive though. Check the scheme below:

  • The first prize holder gets $200
  • 2nd place – $150
  • 3rd place – $100
  • 4th place – $50.  

The tournament involves three rounds. In the first round, you play 2,500 chips for eight hands. For ten hands you play 3,500 chips, and for six hands you place 5,000 chips. It’s definitely one of the nicest tournaments, so, hurry up and join!  

Spin Palace Casino Offers the SnG Blackjack Tournament

And last but not least in the list of the biggest blackjack events this year was held by Spin Palace Casino! Another tournament that you leave with lots of memories. 

In this tournament, every player gets 2000 chips. Playe3rs had a chance to use those chips for this event only. In reality, they hold no value. The minimum and maximum bet sizes though depend on the tournament. The tournament winner and runner-up will be selected based on the number of chips in the game that the players have collected.  

biggest blackjack events this year
Picture Source: Hippopx

Now, let’s come to the most entertaining part of the tournament. Of course, we are talking about the prize pool. It’s worth noting that the amount is fixed and formed from the buy-ins. So, here is the list: 

  • $22,50 prize pool and $5 buy-in: 1st place holder – $15, 2nd place $7,50
  • $45 prize pool and $10 buy-in: 1st place holder – $30, 2nd place $15
  • $90 prize pool and $20 buy-in: 1st place holder – $60, 2nd place $30. 

10% of the buy-ins’ total goes to the casino itself though. Though the prize pool is not as huge as in some other events, it remains one of the greatest tournaments of this year!

Some Tips for Every Blackjack Player to Know

It’s important to know some of the differences between blackjack games and blackjack tournaments. The main difference – in blackjack games, you are aiming to win against the dealer. Hence, the other players are not in your interest. Yet, in tournaments it’s different – you focus on the other gamblers to win against them. 

Besides, do not join the tournaments when you are not ready. Knowing at least basic blackjack rules is crucial. And you also need to have some basic strategies to win. The more strategies and experience you have, the more winning chances you have. Do some research, ask other gamblers. Observe how other play to understand which strategies work well and which do not. And keep the count of your own games to analyze them later. Self-analysis at Blackjack is a huge part of your growth. 

And one important thing to mention – always select reputable casinos. They provide not only the highest levels of safety but the blackjack tournaments with the largest prize pool. Thus, it’s always better for you if you select the most reputable casinos! So, find the best Blackjack casinos and check them out to find the most entertaining events. 

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