blackjack dealer strategy 

Blackjack dealers are crucial at blackjack, so is the blackjack dealer strategy. 

There is a lot that depends on the dealer during Blackjack. And sometimes some of the best pieces of advice you will hear from the dealer. Dealers can make the blackjack games more social or create an unfriendly ambiance in the game. Therefore, be attentive when choosing the games. 

However, it’s surely not only about interacting with gamblers or just basic blackjack rules. They lead the game, hence, pro dealers know every single aspect of the game. Besides, they are playing against the players. And some players dive too deep and might learn more than the dealer. So, a good dealer knows blackjack games best.  

Additionally, it’s also about supervision. The temptation to cheat is so high when it comes to Blackjack or some other gambling games. There are also many card counters that casinos need to catch. A good dealer can recognize card counters and cheaters faster. And they also need to do their best to win against the players. Sometimes, it is harder than it may seem.  

What Is the Purpose of Blackjack?

Let’s start from the basics and define the concept of the game. Some say that the main purpose at Blackjack should be to get as close to 21 as possible and not to get over. Once the player scores more than 21, they lose the game. It’s true. Yet, gamblers should also always focus on the dealer to beat. Or, in the case of the dealer, they don’t have to let the players win over. So, in blackjack games, the players are not competing against each other, they are playing against the dealer. 

blackjack dealer strategy 
Do you aware of the main purpose of the blackjack? Picture Source: Pixabay

However, it changes if you go for the blackjack tournaments. Once you join the tournament, you are playing against the other players and you have to beat them. They are a lot of fun, especially if you want sometimes a bit different from blackjack but still similar to it. Just do not forget to always get familiar with the rules.  

Some Dealers Blackjack Dealer Strategy Is Weaker Than Others

Every dealer is unique. Each has one’s own experience at leading the traditional and the best online blackjack games. It can be both good and bad news for you. The good news – you can find relatively weaker dealers and play against them. In this case, your chances to win are way higher. The bad news – is you are playing against the weak dealer and don’t know the rules well, it might be harder for you to play and win. So, your chances to win vary from one blackjack table and blackjack dealer strategy to another. 

Blackjack Dealer Strategy – Dealing Cards

The game starts with the blackjack dealing the cards, so, that’s what the blackjack dealer strategy starts from. The dealers shouldn’t be too quick when dealing with the cards. They first need to be shuffled. Also, if there are several players in the game, the dealers need to mix 2-3 decks. After shuffling the cards, the dealers make sure that every player in the game has placed the bet. All the gamblers must place their bets before they get any of their cards.

blackjack dealer strategy 
How the dealers dealing the cards? Picture Source: Pixabay

Once the dealer dealt the cards, the players no longer have a chance to bet. Only if they are planning to split or double down. 

Communication Skills Are Key

Blackjack dealer strategy should also involve clear communication skills. They need to know how to communicate with the players right. There are many types of people that you can meet at the blackjack table. And some people are hard to communicate with. Therefore, a good dealer knows how to find the right approach to any person in the game. It’s also the case when talking to colleagues. Hence, pay attention to how the dealer is good at delivering his messages and signals. 

Some Dealers Can Be Really Fun

Of course, any blackjack player joins the casino to have fun. And some dealers can be really outgoing and make the game more fun. Therefore, if you don’t enjoy one of the blackjack tables, you can just switch to another. You will not necessarily have the same experience. 

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