Once entering the gambling sites, you might start wondering which one to choose – online blackjack vs slots. 

Both best online blackjack games and online slots are among the most popular games at casinos. Hence, most people will recommend you one of those. How to choose though? Well, it depends on different factors as well as your personal preferences. Some might only enjoy playing blackjack games while others enter casinos to play slots only. So, we are here to share the most important pieces of information you need to know to help you choose.

Online Blackjack vs Slots – Which One Is Easier to Beat

Both games have the house edge. However, table games are much less controlled by the house than the slots. Besides, online blackjack has one of the lowest house edges among other gambling games. Therefore, the chances to beat table games are higher than to beat slots. 

How Much Time Do You Have to Spend Learning the Rules?

Well, it’s mostly about the concept of the games. Slots are very simple to play and there is not much that you have to learn about them. Therefore, it will take only a few minutes and then you will be freely playing. As for blackjack games, the rules are not complicated either. In fact, blackjack rules are among the easiest at online casinos. Yet, if we compare online blackjack vs slots, blackjack will take longer to learn. 

It’s just for the basics though to learn how to play. Both blackjack games and slots have various aspects that you have to consider if you want to win more frequently. Knowing how to pick the right slots or the blackjack games is a crucial part of winning. 

Having a Strategy Is More Important in Blackjack

It’s a matter of whether the game relies more on skill or luck. So, you that slots are totally luck-based games. When it comes to blackjack, it’s more about the strategy. Yes, you need luck in both games but you also need some skill at blackjack.

Online blackjack vs slots 
Which one do you prefer to play? Picture Source: Pixabay

So, if you have gathered some of the best blackjack strategies to play with, you will substantially decrease the house edge. That’s not likely to work when playing slots though. Therefore, if you decided to stick to playing blackjack games, practice your skills to find the best strategies possible.

Online Blackjack vs Slots – Blackjack Is More Sociable

If you are a sociable person and want to socialize while gambling, then, Blackjack is the game you should pick. You can meet people from all walks of life while playing this game. Where you are gambling online or in traditional casinos, there is always a chance to meet nice people when playing blackjack. You can make a lot of friends, talk about the game, strategies, or just life. Whatever you wish, you know. Though you might also meet a lot of different people while playing slots, you don’t really socialize much while playing. Hence, another difference between online blackjack vs slots is how much you can socialize. 

Blackjack Gives You a Chance to Take Breaks

If you never heard of it, then, it’s a great chance for you to finally try it out – take breaks. Yes, basically, you can leave the table for about 10-20 minutes. The dealer can watch your chips while you are away. Yet, that’s definitely not what you can try out while playing slots. 

Online Blackjack vs Slots – You Have the Dealer to Ask the Questions From

At Blackjack, you are playing against the dealers. They know all the rules, strategies, etc. Hence, if you are new, you can freely ask them questions about, say, how to play or something else. Of course, they won’t give you all the best blackjack tips and tricks, yet, they can still give you some nice advice.

Online blackjack vs slots 
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You can’t do the same while playing slots. However, you already know that slots are very easy and fast to learn, so, you might not need that help or explanations. Whatever game you select – up to you. There is no worse or better, it’s about personal preference. If you want to chill and just let the luck decide, then, slots are definitely the choice. If you want to use the strategies, analyze the game to find the best ways to win, then, surely, Blackjack is better for you.

A Few Words About Safety

Whatever game you eventually decide to select, make sure you always stick to the most reputable and safe casinos. It should be your top priority. Reputable casinos will always provide you with the highest levels of safety and the best gambling experiences. So, why going for the weaker casinos? Try PartyPoker out – the nicest bonuses, the widest selection of games and just great experiences will amuse you at this casino! And for sure, the level of safety as well. 

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