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Blackjack games with the best odds give you great chances to win the games.

Blackjack is a versatile game with many different variations. That’s why you never get bored with it! Online casinos have different types of the best blackjack games that you can go for. Thus, once you want to try something new but similar to Blackjack, you can just switch to another variation. 

Yet, the fact that these are just different variations of the blackjack, does not mean they have the same sets of rules. Every variation has its basic rules that you have to get familiar with before you start the game. And different rules require different strategies. Therefore, if you thought that you could use the same strategy for all the versions of blackjack, forget about it. 

The greatest thing about the Blackajck variations is that when you have a choice, you can just go for the best options. Blackjack games all have their house edges. In some games, your chances to win are high, in others, they are less. So, you can just find which games have the lowest house edge and stick to them! And if you find the right strategy for the game, you can decrease that house edge even more. 

What Makes the Blackjack Games With the Best Odds Different From Each Other?

Blackjack games with the best odds all have their features. And some common ways make the blackjack games distinct from each other. That usually lies in the basic blackjack rules. So, let’s see the main features that differ blackjack games from each other. 

  • The rule on dealers’ move on soft 17. In some Blackjack variations, the dealers must hit when they have soft 17. At the same, other variations require dealers to stand on soft 17. This is an important part of the rule as it affects the strategy you are going to use. Therefore, make sure you read about it before you start working on your strategy. If the dealer must stand on soft 17, then it displays “S17”, and it shows “H17” for hitting on soft 17. Yet, if it’s “S17”, the house edge decreases by around 0,2%. 
  • Doubling down. Another way in which the games differ from each other in blackjack concerns the restrictions on doubling down. Some blackjack games have some sort of limitations on doubling down. For instance, when it comes to European Blackjack, you double down only if the total is 9, 10, or 11. Limitations on doubling down. Therefore, some variations let the gamblers improve the bets by 100%. Others, however, give more freedom when it comes to how much the gamblers can increase their bets. Some versions may just restrict double down after splitting hands. 
  • The number of times to split. And another way in which games differ – the number of times you can split. Some versions, like American Blackjack, let you split up to three times which means you can have four hands in the game. And other versions, like European Blackjack restrict the splitting to one time only. 

Blackjack Games With the Best Odds – Vegas Downtown Blackjack

blackjack games with the best odds, Vegas Downtown Blackjack
Which type of blackjack you prefer? Source: Pixabay

One of the blackjack games with the best odds we are going to talk about is Vegas Downtown Blackjack. It all comes down to the house edge and the house edge in this version of the blackjack is 0,39% only! This variation has some of the most player-friendly rules as it involves a two-deck shoe. 

In Vegas Downtown Blackjack the dealer must hit on soft 17. Once split, the players can then double down on any of the two cards they have. They can also split the pairs maximum of three times during the game. 

Player-Friendly Rules in Vegas Blackjack Help You Win

Another blackjack game with great odds to win is Vegas Blackjack that has the house edge of 0,4% only. In this game, you are allowed to split once only and you can’t surrender. These affect the house edge making it higher compared to some other versions though. 

Yet, some of the rules favorable for the players make it one of the blackjack games with the best odds. In Vegas Blackjack, the dealers are required to stand on soft 17. The players have a chance to double down on any of the two cards they have. And there is a chance for the players to split if they have 10, J, Q, or K. Only once though. 

The Only Game You Can Play in the State

There is a Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board (PGCB Blackjack) that gives a possibility for one game only in the state. Yet, it’s also about the game’s rules that make the house edge as low as 0,4%. 

In this Blackjack version, the dealers must again stand on soft 17. The blackjack payout is 3:2. You have a chance to surrender if you want. You can double down on any of the two cards. You can double down even if you split. 

Some Tips for Better Performance

The best blackjack tips and tricks are way more helpful than you think. And sometimes you can win the game just because you once read about how to act in a certain situation in Blackjack. That’s not enough to keep winning in the long-term though. So, here are some tips that we would like to share with you: 

  • Once you have a pair of aces, split. 
  • If your total is a hard 17-21 with no aces, better stand
  • If your total is soft 19-21 with aces, better stand again
  • In case your total is less or just equal to 11 – hit! 
  • Join the blackjack games with the best odds when you have a strategy. It’s important if you want to win. 
  • Always and always make sure you are playing at a trustworthy casino, like Party Poker.