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Join First Tuesday Blackjack Tournament at 7 Cedars Casino! You will definitely have a lot of fun.

If you know how to play Blackjack, you know that in regular Blackjack you play against the dealer. It’s your goal to focus on the dealer and to perform better than the dealer. So, you might think, the tournament is somehow the same. Yet, when it comes to the tournaments, you are playing against the other players. Thus, you focus on beating the other players. So, you all compete against each other trying to beat the dealer. This makes tournaments very exciting! Hence, if you want some new emotions while playing Blackjack, you should for sure try the best online Blackjack tournaments!  

What Are the Tournaments Mainly About?

For those of you who do not know much about the best online blackjack tournaments, we’ll give some info that you should know. First and foremost – it’s a lot of fun, and you will surely enjoy your time! It will add up something new and thrilling to your Blackjack experience. And what makes them even more entertaining – you don’t just play by yourself. You are in a competition. And in this competition, you need to do your best to win against all the other players.

Besides, the risks are minimal. You only risk losing your entrance fee, no more than that. And if manage to find the free tournament, it’s even better for you!

online blackjack tournament guide

What you should be aiming at – finish the game with the highest number of chips. Who has the most chips, wins the game and takes the prize. But be sure that you learn the basic blackjack rules and some tips before you join the tournament. There are so many gamblers who just join the tournament without even knowing much of the rules. That’s definitely not what you should expect to win the tournament. Hence, make sure you learn the most important information before you join the tournament. Once you do it, you can start looking for the tournaments at Omni Slots Casino!  

Tips to Know

We just said above that before you start the game, you need to learn the rules and get some tips. Thus, here are some of the best blackjack tips and tricks that can help at tournaments, including the First Tuesday Blackjack tournament: 

– Keep the track of the time. You need to know how much time it takes for the elimination rounds to last. Or, how long it takes until the end of the accumulation tournament.

– If you manage to get on the leaderboard, don’t forget to watch the opponents. Decide when you can take risks to keep staying at the leaderboard. Avoid making unplanned decisions and losing everything you gained.

– And don’t forget – you are here to have fun! So, don’t focus solely on winning the tournament. Just enjoy the process. 

What You Need to Know About the First Tuesday Blackjack Tournament

The first Tuesday Blackjack tournament is available on every month’s 1st Tuesday! You only need to pay a fee of $25 and you can start enjoying the tournament once paying the fee! 

The tournament lasts from 5 pm till 8 pm and there are 15 hand rounds. The bankroll is $500!

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