Samsung Galaxy S III sale
Get it for less

The Samsung Galaxy S III is now available to any American mobile gambler at a price of only $99.

The extreme popularity of the Samsung Galaxy S III can certainly be explained by the right combination of design and features. Its mobile casino gambling capabilities are breathtaking, its screen is large and bright, its power is superior to many other competitive smartphones.

However, up until now, buying as Galaxy S III was out of reach of many Android casino gamers with tight budgets. Not anymore that is. Amazon Wireless in USA has just slashed the prices, and is now offering the wonderphone for only $99. With a two-year contract from Verizon or Sprint, naturally. If you’re an AT&T fan – prepare to shell out $120.

Surprisingly, the wireless carriers’ websites are still offering the Samsung Galaxy S III at the usual price of $200, the same is true for the horde of e-tailers. The one that stands out in the crowd is Staples, there you can lay your hands on the Galaxy S III for $150, again if you sign with Verizon.

In any case, the reduced prices show a great dynamic, which all mobile gamers can certainly appreciate, nowadays even mid-range devices offer unforgettable casino experience, so there’s really no need to spend fortunes on the latest and the most powerful device out there.