Gold-plated Samsung Galaxy S4
Gold Galaxy S4

Want to make your smartphone stand out? Gold-plated Samsung Galaxy S4 hits the market courtesy of Goldgenie.

Gold, platinum, and even diamonds have already found its way onto iPhone mobile casino tools of the very few who can afford them. But what about the Android OS fans? Well, now the little green man powered devices also come in gold, one of them to be precise.

A small company called Goldgenie has treated the latest mobile casino flagship from Samsung – the Galaxy S4 – to thorough gold-plating. The device will set back those who want something special to make calls and do a little mobile gambling with a hefty sum of GBP 1,700. Way cheaper than the $15 million golden and diamond-filled iPhone if you ask us.

On top of the simple gold-plated version, Goldgenie has also come up with Galaxy S4 dressed in platinum and rose gold, which cost a mere GBP 50 more, pennies, really. The company offers a whole range of luxury smartphones including iPhones, BlackBerries, iPads, and other luxury goodies.

As for our star – the gold-plated Samsung Galaxy S4, the model that underwent the transformation is the SIM-free 16GB variation. Well, a couple of lucky hits on mobile blackjack and the smartphone’s price can be returned to mobile gamers, if not they will be left with a unique smartphone anyway, so it’s a win-win.