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Google profits rise despite Moto losing
Google Q2 figures

Motorola losses didn’t stop Google from showing increasing profits as the company publishes its Q2 results.

Growing success of Android-based smartphones and their popularity with mobile casino regulars may have helped Google to achieve positive figures in Q2. All this despite huge losses at Motorola, which is now fully owned by Google.

Google managed to generate $12.21 billion in total revenues, which is a 35 percent hike compared to one year ago. Operating income came to $3.2 billion ($2.88 last year) and net income was $2.79 billion ($2.51 in 2011).

This can only mean that despite global economic crisis and subsequent stagnating markets of the developed countries, Google and its business are still on the rise. The smartphone OS business may not be the main revenue generator, nevertheless real money Android casinos have played their part.

These results were possible despite Motorola (the full Google’s subsidiary now) losing $233 million. Motorola managed to reach revenue of $1.25 billion with $407 million coming from home segment, and $843 million from mobile.

Google made a promise to leave Motorola Mobility operations as they were before the acquisition, however if Moto continues to lose money on a regular basis, Google might have to step in.

The results didn’t feature Android adoption figures, however the giant did boast about how good its Nexus 7 tablet is received by the public.