Android 4.2.2 for HTC One
HTC One update

After settling all production issues, the HTC One is gaining sales momentum, and now it’s the time for an OS upgrade.

HTC One was not off to the best of starts, several production delays have caused serious troubles for the Android casino flagship. But everything seems fine now, the smartphones is generating growing sales for the manufacturer, and is said to receive an OS update any time now.

HTC really have no other choice as to put all their prospects in this mobile casino games tool, several other versions are already on the horizon including the mini model, and a rugged device. However, the HTC One itself also needs excellent care, and that’s why its first major update is already in the pipeline.

The information about the soon-arriving update comes courtesy of HTC Russia Head, Andrey Kormiltsev, who tweeted that the Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean update is almost ready to reach the mobile casino tamer. Based on his info the update will get to the smartphone in mid-June and will be available over-the-air.

The HTC One update will deliver extended quick setting menus, and a new percentage battery level indicator. Other features will include the ability to long-press the home button to reach menu settings. Surely there will be more useful upgrades and cool features reaching the device with the OS update, but that’s all the information we currently have.