iPhone 5S unofficial release date
iPhone 5S date

iPhone 5S and a budget iPhone receive an unofficial launch date – September 10 – finally ending most speculations.

Both the budget iPhone and the next generation of iPhone casino tamers have been riding on the rumor mill for quite some time now. The speculations have already covered most of the features and have suggested various launch dates. The very latest rumor puts the release date on September 10.

Although the date is yet to be officially confirmed, it looks like the real deal as Tim Cook has long been hinting on a Fall release date. The launch of iPhone 5S will most probably coincide with the official iOS 7 release as well as the budget iPhone launch.

The budget version will be encased in polycarbonate body instead of the premium aluminum, and will be available in a multitude of bright, attractive colors. As for the “big” iPhone gambling device – it’s rumored to be a mere upgrade of the iPhone 5 device, although delivering a faster processor, more memory, better camera, and a host of new features.

The Cupertino company will not be announcing its next gen desktop OS this time around, but this release is also due shortly, just as their long-anticipated smart watch and TV products.

Naturally, both new mobile casino devices will run on the brand new iOS 7, which was presented at the Apple developer conference this June. The OS comes with completely overhauled design, delivering flat looks, better cloud connectivity, much improved multi-tasking capabilities, and a wealth of other features.