Mobile casino in Macau from Dynam Japan
Macau mobile casino

Mobile Casinos to Appear in Macau and Dynam Japan Want to Take Advantage

Pachinko – that crazy Japanese game not unlike pinball – firm Dynam Japan Holdings has teamed up with an online gaming company as it aims to bring mobile casinos to Macau. The world’s number one gambling resort could be set for a revolution, if the company are successful in their scheme, with mobile casinos taking off elsewhere in the world.

The move comes after Macau amended its regulations to allow mobile gambling within authorized gambling areas, paving the way for companies such as Dynam to offer mobile casino games in the Chinese city. However, whether the casinos themselves would allow competition with their traditional services remains to be seen.

Thoughts are that sports betting monopoly Macau Slot could be the first to offer dedicated mobile slots within Macau. Their presence in casinos could help them to push through any mobile gaming.

The move from Dynam comes after the Hong Kong listed company invested in Singapore based online games firm I Got Games, as it looks to develop the next generation of pachinko machine for use in Macau. The two could well pair up to create Macau based mobile casino games, too.

Dynam are also looking to get into the Japanese market as and when the government finally passes its eagerly awaited casino bill. With Japan looking to take full advantage of Olympic tourism in 2020, resort casinos will surely open in time, and Dynam plan to partner with a Macau based casino firm in any Japanese venture.