APT Iron Man
World Record

The Asian Poker Tour Iron Man Poker Challenge sets a new world record… as the longest tournament ever.

While organizers of the European Poker Tour are making efforts to lure more and more players to their poker tables, their rivals set out to break their own record. Figuring that bigger doesn’t always mean better, the Asians went for something different and decided to host the longest poker tournament on record.

With a $700 buy-in, the race for the big prize began in online poker rooms and got 115 of the best players to the Premier Club at Resorts World Manila, where the Asian Poker Tour Iron Man Poker Challenge took place.

It took players more than just the usual talent of reading poker tells to get into the top 10.
At the end of the tournament it turned out endurance was the key, as 1st place went to American pro Damon Shulenberger after an impressive 48 hours, 55 minutes and 58.5 seconds of uninterrupted poker.

Only a handful of players were at the tables when the record – previously set at 36 hours – was broken. There were no unnecessary breaks, not even at the end of the day, but for Damon it was worth the effort. He eventually took the title and $18,240 in cash.

Here are the Final Results:

1st Damon Shulenberger -$18,240
2nd Choi Byung Kyoo – $10,670
3rd Sandro Simon – $7,390
4th Lim Dae Hoon -$5,390
5th Florencio Campomanes – $4,460
6th Howard Ang Lee – $3,680
7th Gerry Flores – $3,030
8th Kim Jinwi – $2,530
9th Norbert Koh – $2,180