No Limit Blackjack tournament is already ready to greet you with great prizes! You can win up to $1556! Sounds exciting, don’t you think so? Hurry up to join! 

Blackjack tournaments have been gaining popularity among the best online blackjack casinos for a pretty long time! Well, the tournaments are so exciting, so, why not? And in the end, it’s a lot of fun that you can have. Find the best mobile Blackjack games and tournaments at Betway Casino! It’s the time to enjoy. 

Compare the Buy-Ins Versus the Prize Pool of the Tournament

Ultimately, at the Blackjack tournaments, you are aiming at beating other players and winning the tournament. But before you join the tournament, you need to understand if it’s worth it or not. There are different Blackjack tournaments, try to pick the best ones among them to win. Thus, compare the buy-ins of the tournaments with the prize pools. Think of the rebuys too. Will you still stay profitable if you rebuy? It’s really important to note these. 

And if you’re entering the best online blackjack tournaments planning for the rebuy, put a limit. Think of the maximum amount of the rebuys that you can go for. Money management should always be among your priorities. Once you settled, join the tournaments. Go for the No Limit Blackjack tournament!  

Make Sure You Know the Rules

You don’t imagine how many people just join the Blackjack games and tournaments without even knowing the rules. But what we’ve always said – the more you know, the better your chances to win are. And it will make it easier for you to generate a good strategy. And by the way, note that the strategies you have been using on Blackjack games will no longer be effective with tournaments. You will have to think of new strategies. Consider the number of rounds, the rules, the leaderboard. 

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The basic blackjack rules, however, are not hard to learn. Watch the rounds and what your competitors do in the game. It’s important since you will have to know whether to increase or lower the bets you place.  

Keep an Eye of the Chip Counts

So, as we just said, you need to keep the track of the leaderboard. And the thing is – you need to finish the game with the biggest number of chips to win. That’s why you need to watch those. It’s what will help you to decide on the next moves to proceed ahead in a tournament. Making a comparison is really important since sometimes you will have to place one big bet that will keep you in a game. 

Win the Biggest Prizes With No Limit Blackjack Tournament

No Limit Blackjack tournament takes place every month on Sundays at 1 pm. The entry fee that you have to pay is $30. Re-entry is $15 though. If you buy in early, you get $50 extra in tournament chips. Every gambler gets an “Ace in the Hole” card, that they can use at the BJ tables. Its maximum bet is $10, and it serves as the first card of the players. Each round consists of 21 hands. 

And the prize pool is $3,990! Here is the list of the prizes that you win: 

  • 1st prize – $1556
  • 2nd prize – $758 
  • 3rd prize – $557
  • 4th prize – $359 
  • 5th prize – $279
  • 6th prize – $160
  • 7th prize – $80. 

And there are some other bonuses like dinner coupons, concert tickets, etc. Find the best online blackjack promotions here.