Nokia EOS to have the 41MP sensor
Nokia EOS

The 41MP camera sensor has been officially confirmed for the upcoming EOS device ahead of presentation.

The rumors about the Nokia EOS have been circling around ever since the Symbian-powered Nokia 808 PureView was released, and sometimes even the Finnish manufacturer itself fueled the speculations. But when the Lumia 920 mobile casino tamer with OIS lens was called PureView, it didn’t deliver the much-anticipated 41MP sensor.

All the rumors and speculations will soon come to an end. Nokia is expected to host a press event in New York on July 11, and the most recent teaser-poster for the event says there will be 41 million reasons to attend. Sounds familiar? We sure think so. It’s almost official then: the 41MP mega-sensor is coming to Lumia Windows mobile casino devices lineup.

The last several weeks have also brought us a number of leaked live images of the alleged Nokia EOS smartphone. And coupled with the number of pixels suggestion, there’s really little left to the imagination. The 41MP sensor also means there will be a Windows Phone OS update pretty soon, since the current WP8 version doesn’t support such high-resolution sensors.

In any case, we will be covering the Nokia event as it happens, and share all the information about the upcoming Nokia EOS, or any other piece of news that might happen then, with our faithful readers.