Not every feature of iOS 7 will reach all devices
iOS 7 features

Following a multitude of rumors and speculations, an official photo of the upcoming HTC Tiara leaks on the internet.

Well, iOS 7 does seem as a huge step forward for Apple, but the Cupertino company will not be bringing all of the new update’s features to all of its products. Although the majority of mobile casino tamers from Apple will receive the update, they will not be enjoying its full features.

The iOS 7 update will treat iPhone casino tools to a plethora of upgrades and improvements, as well as brand new features including AirDrop cloud sharing, camera filters, Siri updates and brand new iTunes Radio.

Only the iPhone 5 mobile casino monster and the 5th generation of iPods will be getting the full power of iOS 7, while the iPad 2 will receive the least amount of features limited to iTunes Radio only. iPad 4 and iPad Mini will miss out on Panorama shooting mode, and the Mini will also have to do without camera filters. Further down the line, the iPad 3 and the iPhone 4S will not receive the AirDrop cloud sharing. And finally, the iPhone 4 will go without the updated Siri.

In any case we won’t be able to judge the impact of iOS 7 on mobile casino gambling until the update reaches the devices. The release date is scheduled for sometime this fall.