Samsung Ativ S and Ativ Tab
Ativ S and Ativ Tab

British mobile gamblers rejoice as the Windows Phone 8 running Samsung Ativ S goes on sale, while the Ativ Tab expected shortly.

Windows mobile casino tool Samsung Ativ S is slowly, but surely hitting the European stores. It’s already available in Austria and the UK, Sweden is next in line. The Samsung Ativ Tab, running on the Windows RT is expected to go on sale in the United Kingdom today.

The much anticipated Windows gambling devices will set back mobile gamers GBP 442.80 (Ativ S) and GBP 538.80 (Ativ Tab) SIM-free if buyers choose to buy them at Clove UK. Unlocked-Mobiles has the Ativ S for GBP 424.98.

In case mobile casino fans choose to sign contracts with Vodafone or O2, they can lay their hands on the Samsung Ativ S for GBP 30 or even for free, but the smartphone is expected to arrive on December 21 there.

In case you forgot, the Samsung Ativ S is similar to another mobile casino games tamer – Galaxy S III – in terms of 4.8 inch SuperAMOLED HD scree, 8MP snapper, and body appearance, but runs on a dual-core Krait processor and Windows Phone 8 instead of Android.

The Samsung Ativ Tab runs on Windows RT and has 10.1 inch 1366×768 screen with the same dual-core Krait CPU. It’s the direct competitor of the Microsoft’s Surface RT.