Galaxy Note III camera info
Galaxy Note III

The Samsung Galaxy Note III is expected to be announced sometime in September, but rumors are already in full swing.

Various sources agree that the Samsung Galaxy Note III will be officially announced in September, and already, several months in advance, the rumors about the mobile casino gambling phablet are intensifying. The latest is speculating on the resolution of the upcoming device’s main camera.

After the first images of the alleged Note III camera have hit the internet, the sheer amount of rumors about the upcoming Android casino device has quadrupled. The leaked photos were of 2322×4128 pixel resolution, which means the camera that took them features a 13MP sensor and the images were shot in 16:9 mode.

Well, this is the sensor from the current flagship – S4, meaning that Samsung’s tradition of equipping their phablets and flagship smartphones with the identical cameras is still alive. According to the EXIF information, the Note III will sport the same f/2.2 aperture and 31mm lens as the Galaxy S4. This is quite understandable considering the amazing performance of the 13MP sensor and the lens combination, and while something is this good, what’s the point of changing it?

However, the Galaxy Note III release date is still very far away, and things may very well change in the meantime, and don’t forget that all this info is still in the speculations area. But judging by the extremely high quality of the photos the S4 takes, it’s highly unlikely that the Note III will be offering less in this department, when it’s released.