New Nexus expected on October 29
New Nexus event

The new Nexus smartphone is expected to be officially announced during the Google event scheduled for October 29.

The Android event is scheduled to commence in New York at 10:00 AM and Google has already finished sending out invitations to the media. No Sherlock Holmes skills are needed for real money casino members in order to guess what the press event will be about.

It’s widely expected that the new Nexus device will see the light of day during the event. The rumors about the LG manufactured device codenamed “Nexus 4” are growing exponentially, and it’s a safe bet for every Android casino junkies that it will be announced on October 29.

Other sources suggest that there might be several Nexus devices premiering before the year is out. Industry experts agree that the upcoming Nexus device will get the yet unreleased Android 4.2 OS. Details on that are still in the “rumors” category, but the new system is bound to boost mobile casino games even further. It’s also safe to suppose that the 32GB model of the Google Nexus 7 will be appearing during the event.

The October 29 date is not a coincidence: this is when the Windows Phone 8 OS is supposed to be officially launched, and Google will definitely try to steal some thunder from the multiple WP8 devices appearing then. Stay tuned for our updates on the developments.