Current iPhones discounted at Walmart
Discounted iPhones

Walmart is now offering the current Apple smartphones at a discounted price in anticipation of the next generation iPhone.

The internet is full of theories, speculations, and leaked images of the next generation iPhone casino monster, meaning Apple is about to update its flagship device. Walmart becomes the first retailer to discount the current Cupertino smartphone offering, clearly anticipating the nearing launch of the iPhone 5S.

This way the current iPhone gambling devices are discounted as follows: the Apple iPhone 4S is now available for $39 instead of $89, and the iPhone 5 sells for $129 down from $189. Naturally, all prices mean a 2-year deal with either Spring, AT&T, or Verizon. T-Mobile isn’t supported by Walmart, thus it’s not offered there.

Other American land-based retailers are also planning to slash their iPhone prices ahead of official announcement of the next generation mobile casino tamer from Apple. The next store in line to discount the iPhone 4S and iPhone 5 is said to be Best Buy, which plans to offer in-store credit as means of discount.

As for the iPhone 5S itself, it’s expected to hit the stores across the USA sometime later this year. And as the majority of rumors and leaks suggest it will be a mere specifications update, retaining the iPhone 5 design, but delivering a much faster performance and more diverse specs.