• Tommy Hyland – The Card Counter’s Rise To The Hall Of Fame

    The renowned blackjack player and team manager, Tommy Hyland has certainly had his fair share of hair raising moments during his card counting team career. Not just being content to count cards, back in those days, you could actually bring a tiny computer into the casino hidden on your body, and take advantage of it's computing power to allow you to place wagers at the optimum moment. Just imagine how overjoyed the casinos were to discover suck tricks.

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  • Edward Thorpe – The Life And Times Of A Genius Blackjack Player

    Edward O. Thorpe is not the type of person to have an idea and just let it go. So when he settled on the game play of blackjack as a means of testing mathematical theories, he was certain that a method of beating the house edge must exist, if only he could find it. With the help of some other mathematicians, he managed to crack the formula and invented several forms of counting cards. Unfortunately, none of these work today, as casinos were quick to wise up to these techniques and make changes.

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