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Blackjack Expert Don Johnson Wins $2 Million at Tropicana Casino

Nov 18, 2011

Blackjack Expert Don Johnson returns
Don Johnson

Blackjack Expert, Atlantic City Assassin and the Beast of Blackjack has returned.

Yep, Tropicana Casino allowed Don Johnson, the blackjack expert who beat three Atlantic City casinos for $15 million earlier this year to return for seconds, and it wasn’t pretty.

In April, after a $5.8 million win at the Tropicana casino, which made him a blackjack celebrity known throughout the world as the ‘Atlantic City Assassin’ and the ‘Beast of Blackjack’, the blackjack expert has not slowed down.

Blackjack Expert

Don Johnson revealed that in October 2011, he returned to Tropicana Casino Hotel in sunny Atlantic City, and again beat the casino for $2 million playing high stakes blackjack casino games. Tropicana CEO, Tony Rodio, confirmed the win to Donald Wittkowski of the Atlantic City Press.

“I went back in and did very well,” Johnson said of his latest win, while politely refusing to provide any technical details, or strategy that the blackjack expert using during this latest winning card game session.

Don Johnson, over the past 11 months, took Atlantic City casinos for around $17 million dollars beginning his spree in December of 2010. His blackjack prowess has already gone down into the history of blackjack as the most successful winning streak of all time against Atlantic City casinos by a single high stakes blackjack player.

High stakes blackjack

Tropicana revealed that Johnson was not the only shark in the water that month and that another blackjack expert also won close to a million dollars from the casino’s blackjack tables.

In October the 11 Atlantic City casinos took a beating at their high stakes blackjack table games which were down an amazing 17%. The overall 8% revenue drop since October of the previous year set a new record that no casino destination would brag about – 38 consecutive months of declining revenues.

Tropicana’s strategy of attracting high stakes blackjack (and other table games) players with its ‘whale friendly policies’ had some hits and misses due to the volatile nature of casino table games.

While slot machines are pre-programmed to pay out a certain percentage of the inserted money, table games work on probabilities which are calculated based on long term advantage. This is the inherent danger of playing for very large sums of money for the casino and the reason why casinos love a gambler who plays thousands of rounds at small limits rather than a high stakes blackjack expert.

A high stakes blackjack player who’s on a prowl playing at $100,000 per hand has a good chance of winning a huge sum of money in a few number of hands, and then simply leave the table. After all, tossing a coin 3 times and getting 3 heads (100%) is not as complicated as getting only 75% heads when tossing a coin a thousand times.

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