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Online Poker Tournament Loss Blamed For Kim Jong Il Heart Attack

Dec 19, 2011

Online poker killed Kim Jong Il
Texas Done It

Latest casino gambling news reports allege that Kim Jong Il was ‘in a fit of rage’ prior to his sudden collapse shortly after sustaining a ‘bad beat’ during a major online poker tournament.

Latest reports coming out of North Korea reportedly indicate that the deadly heart attack which claimed the life of Kim Jong Il, was caused by a phenomenon straight from Texas. To give you a hint, this Texas institution is also something that’s hated by the administration of US President Barak Obama, and we aren’t talking about former US President George W. Bush.

Korean sources indicate that No Limit Texas Hold’em , the ultra-popular form of online poker allegedly led to the demise of the North Korea strongman. A recent flurry of reports coming from online poker forums frequented by Koreans from around the world shed light on the events surrounding the mysterious death of  the 69 year old North Korea leader.

Online Poker Tournament Kills Axis of Evil?

The reclusive Kim Jong Il, the second in a series of dynastic totalitarian rulers of the communist country, reportedly become enraged after suffering an unexpected loss, known as a ‘bad beat’ while playing in a high profile online poker tournament.

Reports indicate that the reclusive Kim Jong Il has frequented online poker games under fictitious names for years, enjoying anonymity and the challenge of beating opponents not part of his sycophantic inner circle. An avid poker player for ‘a few year’, Kim Jong Il has been reportedly receiving anonymous private lessons from some of the top ranked players from around the world.

There is no indication as to the name of the tournament or the online poker website that was played by the recently deceased. Strong suspicion falls on the 10th Anniversary $10,000 high roller tournament at Poker Stars as well as Sunday tournaments at Party Poker and Everest Poker also a distinct possibility.

Classic Bad Beat illustrated by the former owner of Full Tilt Poker and Phil Hellmuth.

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