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42,000 Passwords Leaked, after Bitcoin Poker Site Gets Hacked

Dec 23, 2013

sealswithclubs_securityHacker attacks

Transfers may be disabled for a while on Seals with Clubs poker site, after 42,000 passwords got hacked.

Online poker players around Europe are on alert, after someone attempted to hack their user accounts and managed to break over 42,000 passwords. In latest casino gambling news, Seals with Clubs warns users that “our database containing user credentials was likely compromised.”

Warnings appeared on user forums 24 hours before the company’s advisory statement was released and password security experts soon figured out that the targeted website was the Bitcoin-only poker service Seals with Clubs.

Increased security measures taken

Put together by a small team of former online poker players, Seals with Clubs is a service offering online and Android casino poker. The website description makes it clear that “no traditional currency is ever used” and all cash-in and cash-outs are done via Bitcoin.

Company owners have already asked their customers to take measures to protect their accounts: “Passwords were salted and hashed per user, but to be safe every user must change their password when they next log in. Please do so at your earliest opportunity. If your Seals password was used for any other purpose you should reset those passwords too as a precaution.”

In addition to resetting user credentials, owners have promised to introduce new security options, such as the ability to lock the withdrawal address and transfers or block account access from other IPs.

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