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Professional Combines Virtual Currency and Scavenger Hunt

Jan 2, 2014

Creative gambling ideasBitcoins at Coinding

Mauro Velasquez, US professional poker player, has a unique idea for a new online venture, and the resources to make it happen.

Velasquez, who has earned more than $250,000, while implementing impeccable casino table manners, got into the role of an entrepreneur with the unique idea of new online game, which combines the virtual currency Bitcoin with a scavenger hunt.

The new project is called Coinding and in the game, players hunt and collect Bitcoins, by completing different challenges in various locations, prepared by the designers of the game.

Mobile version of Coinding is also available

In order to be available for a wider audience, Coinding also has a mobile version in which players can search for Bitcoins internationally among Bitcoin-using nations displayed on the Coinmap.

Following the already established social gaming style, Coinding will give out parts of Bitcoins to facilitate players to get a grasp of the Bitcoin economic phenomenon, without exposing their traditional money at risk and buying into the new currency.

Velasquez explained that the sponsorship opportunities for Bitcom-supporting companies are significant.

Currently, Coinding employees are eight and the owner is aiming at launching on both Android and iOS mobile gambling platforms during the first four months of 2014.

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