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Sex Themed Online Casino Games Here To Stay

Aug 20, 2014









Games that meld sex and gambling together are becoming more popular and online casinos are set to take advantage of the link between the two.

Scientists have once again delved into the depths of the human mindset and, much to the surprise of absolutely no one, proven that there is a link between sexual imagery and a higher capacity for higher financial risk. This is, frankly, hardly casino gambling news since casinos have long been aware that the addition of attractive ladies in skimpy outfits to their floor staff boosts the numbers in the profit margin by a significant degree.

This, of course, extends into the world of internet gambling where the business is even more cut-throat. Sites vying for customers in a multi-billion dollar industry using every trick at their disposal to gain and retain loyal users. The use of sexual imagery or sexual connotation in publicity or promotional material is nothing new, advertisers have used it to sell everything from cars to custard, but it hasn’t stopped there.

Online Casinos And Sex Games

• Development needs to strike right balance

Sexy casinos to arrive online

• Gambling on sex a sure winner?

The early years of personal computers is a tale of forward thinking bright young men working at the cutting edge of a new technological dawn, and then making sex games with it. In the days when CD Roms were a miracle of data storage (a whole 700mb on one little disk!!) there were a vast number of click-to-continue soft and hardcore sex games available, with quite a few based around gambling games like blackjack 21 or poker.

Typically these games involved rewarding players for winning hands by presenting them with a new image of a lady wearing slightly less than in the previous image. They were pedestrian by comparison with what would follow when the internet arrived, and indeed alongside the pornography now freely available they seem positively quaint. However the principle behind them has been developed and refined.

User Leakage Holding Up Progress?

With the potential earnings online gambling sex games could generate hard to resist for any profit driven entity, online casino operators have been surprisingly cautious in developing sex centered games for their users. Playboy has dipped its toe in the water, several times, but without much enthusiasm and indeed several legal difficulties caused at least one of these adventures into online gambling to be closed down with precious little notice.

But gambling laws in the US are being liberalized and with states granting online casino licenses you’d have thought there would be a rush to use the link between sex and higher financial risk taking, since that is, a basis for more gambling. Sex, or content with sexual connotations, is used to attract movie goers and is extensively used in computer games from Street Fighter to Oblivion, so why not in online casinos? Why so few sexy online casinos?

One of the issues is facility. Whilst the attractive waitress in Macau might present a gambler with the visual stimuli necessary encourage a little greater gambling, it is simply a fleeting interruption to the main activity of playing the game. Online the ability to focus upon the sex rather than the gambling is but a small series of clicks away at any given time, this, it is felt, could well detract from retaining players.

There is thus a need to marry together the sex and gambling aspects of any sex themed online casino game in such a way as to present the former whilst preserving the desire to continue the latter. As a challenge of presentation this is quite a tricky balance to strike, one with which developers are struggling, but it hardly seems insurmountable. Perhaps what will eventually make it easier is a shift not in gambling or sexual habits but of social ones.

Sex Themed Games Developing Online

The internet is perhaps the fastest reacting media humans have yet devised with news flashed around the world in seconds via twitter, facebook and a myriad of other sites. Whilst content changes fast, the pace at which the culture of the internet develops is even faster, with social norms adjusting online at a far more rapid pace than in the physical world. Acceptability of behaviors online is light years ahead of any single nation’s culture would allow.

Most social networking sites reflect these changing levels of acceptability and as sexual imagery becomes more frequently and prevalent online the level to which it can be incorporated into online gambling games without user leakage will increase. The positive stimuli will still be provided but it will perhaps not reach the levels that would see users desert the gaming tables for the galleries of their favorite porn site.

With the range of games to which this could be applied being as variable as sex slots or live video of topless dealers at online blackjack tables (oh it’ll happen, it’ll happen) the possibilities are endless and with that sort of infinity to play with chances are it’s not a concept that will go unexploited for long. Currently most of the attempts have been half-hearted and tried to mitigate their sexual content with humor and a lack of explicit material, but some like casino Casinorgy get the balance right.

Over the next few years we’re likely to see a constant and consistent increase in the degree to which online casinos offer sex themed games to their users. Their development may be cautiously slow and paced to remain just behind the shock-wave of internet and social acceptability, but the overall concept is unlikely to disappear anytime soon. The online casinos of tomorrow are likely to feature far more sexual content but be no less all about the gambling.

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