Casino Blackjack Vs Online Blackjack

Blackjack at the casinos is different from blackjack online in a lot of important ways, and before playing online it is important to know the difference between play in casino and online, especially if you have experience playing blackjack in Las Vegas or elsewhere.

New Rules, New Strategies

The rules of online blackjack games can be subtly different from the rules of offline blackjack games – even if the games have the same name. Little variations in rules can cause big changes in basic strategy, so it is important to read the rules thoroughly before playing online. Remember that little things like side bets or special payouts also change how the game should be played.

Computer Dealers

Online blackjack games are controlled by computers. This simple fact has several consequences. First, it is impossible for the dealer to cheat or to make mistakes, so players can relax a little bit. But it is also impossible for the dealer to give tells, meaning players who are good at reading people won’t have an advantage. Learning to play online blackjack with a computer dealer just takes time.

Card Counting

Counting cards is impossible online. This is because the computer shuffles the deck after every hand, making counting useless. Because there are no pit bosses around to watch for card counting machines and other devices, casinos would quite literally go broke if they allowed players to count cards online!

Casino Blackjack vs Online Blackjack
You can only count cards in person

Instead, learn other strategies to get ahead. It’s definitely possible to get an edge over the dealer when playing online if you take the time to study blackjack strategy.


At a Las Vegas casino, distractions are everywhere. Music, drink, sexy waitresses, high rollers – the list is huge. But online, players can avoid having to deal with all of this. They can sit at home, wearing comfortable clothes, and concentrate fully on their game. This might not be as fun as being at a wild Vegas casino, but it can definitely help your game.


Online blackjack can be cheap or it can be expensive. Table limits are typically lower at online casinos than at Vegas or Atlantic City casinos, so players with low bankrolls can play longer. High limit tables are also available for anyone looking to spend a bit more. Online tournaments are another good way to win big money. Most online casinos also give away free chips as deposit bonuses and ongoing promotions, so keeping internet casino accounts full of cash is quite easy to do!