100 percent payout blackjack tournament

Join the 100% Payout weekly blackjack tournament to win the greatest prizes up to 50% of buy-ins and rebuys!

The best online blackjack games are always among the top choices at online casinos in the US. No wonder why so many people join Blackjack tournaments! It’s the thrill from the game and the challenging nature that make you want to come back to this game again and again! Despite the house edge, your chances to win at Blackjack. This is one of the main reasons why Blackjack is popular as well as different types of it. 

Of course, with such a great interest in the game itself, Blackjack tournaments would also receive this much popularity. Besides, today you can feel totally secure about gambling at online gambling sites in the US. You can try gambling at PartyPoker – the best betting odds, huge variety of games, and attractive online gambling bonuses in the US will definitely make your gambling experience enjoyable! You can easily join your favorite tournaments and enjoy them! And just as you can play different variations of Blackjack, you can also find different types of Blackjack tournaments to join. 

How Many Rounds?

Depending on the type of tournament that you pick, there are several rounds that you need to finish. And the time you spend playing one round also changes from one game to another. While you play the tournament, the game is not much different. And in Blackjack games, you are playing against the dealer. When it comes to Blackjack tournaments, however, including 100% Payout Weekly Blackjack Tournament, you are playing against other players. You take into account their chips, decisions, etc. 

Tips for Blackjack Tournaments

It’s always better to learn the best blackjack tips and tricks before joining different gambling games or tournaments. Your goal in the tournament is to gather as many chips as you can to beat the players. 

So, first and foremost, you need to get acquainted with the rules of the tournament. Sounds easy and basic, yet, not everyone does it. And some people get disqualified just because of not learning the rules of the tournament. So, don’t skip that step. Get the information about the limits of tables, the hands’ numbers, the participants, etc.

blackjack tournament this week

Once you get acquainted with the basic blackjack rules, make sure you don’t break them. Try to avoid string betting. It happens if the gambler picks a few chips in the palm, then, puts them in their betting box. Next, make sure you post all your chips all at once. Just stack them beforehand and have them ready next to the betting box you have. If you do so, it’ll be easier to slide them into the box once you need them. 

And learn how to count the chips faster and more precisely. It’s a skill that every blackjack tournament lover needs to have. If you want to win, of course.  

100% Payout Weekly Blackjack Tournament – What Do You Win?

Now, let’s learn more about the 100% Payout weekly blackjack tournament! It’s an open event that you can join every Sunday. You only pay $20 as an entry fee to join the tournament. 

Once you signed up (registration begins at noon), the game starts at 1 pm. Now let’s come to your favorite part – the prizes! 

  • 1st place – 50% of buy-ins and rebuys 
  • 2nd place – 30% of buy-ins and rebuys 
  • 3rd place – 20% of buy-ins and rebuys. 

Join the tournament and win the prizes!