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iPhone 5 made of gold and diamonds
$15m iPhone 5

A Liverpool jeweler has once again amazed the world with his golden iPhone 5 for the amazing price of $15 million.

Apple gadgets made of precious metals are not a novelty. Stuart Hughes, a jeweler from Liverpool is renowned for making gold iPad 2, diamond iPhone 4, and platinum MacBook Air. Now, it was another Apple mobile casino gambling tool’s turn to go gold – the iPhone 5.

The custom-crafted mobile casino games monster took 9 weeks to be completed by hand. It’s made of pure 24-carat gold with real diamonds encrusted all over the body, making it the most expensive smartphone on the planet at GBP 10 million, which is around $15.3 million.

The crown jewel of the latest exuberant iPhone casino device is the 26-carat black diamond placed where the home button is. The Cupertino logo on the back, as well as all the corners are sparkling with white diamonds, whose total tally goes all the way up to 600 pieces.

The unique device was ordered by a businessman from China, who actually owns the ultra-expensive black diamond, used on the smartphone. In case you don’t own a precious stone like this, there are more “affordable” models to lay your hands on: also made of gold, but with a much “cheaper” price tag of $34,000. Who said “all that glitters is not gold?”