zeeland-shareWinners in Zeeland

180 people in Vrouwenpolder, a Zeeland village, which was the lucky winner of the amazing EUR 43 million New Year postcode lottery, will split half the winnings – EUR 80,000 per ticket.

The population of Vrouwenpolder, which is 1,100 people, all have the same 4354 postcode, which automatically means that every person, who bought a lottery ticket will share part of the winnings. The great gambling news of winning EUR 80,000 per ticket was announced by the lottery organizers last Sunday.
Instead of applying poker tricks in actual casinos, some families simply bought more than one ticket and automatically increased their prize after the winning was publicized.

Over EUR 1 million/each for families on the Koningin Beatrixlaan

The second half of the money was earned by nine families on the Koningin Beatrixlaan, who had the entire winning postcode. Their winning was from over 1 million each to the fantastic EUR 6 million for the luckiest.

This was the first year when a complete village won the lottery. Moreover, the individual amounts were also the highest in the history of the lottery.
In addition to fantastic awards, the Dutch Postcode Lottery is also known for its charity initiatives, as it gives half the price of every ticket to good causes focusing on the benefit of humanity and environment.