Samsung rumored to be working on a 5G network
5G wireless network

Samsung is reported to have developed the core technology for the 5G networks, and plans to bring it to live by 2020.

We know 4G is fast, way faster than any other wireless network before it. But what’s next in store for mobile casino lovers? Well, certainly the 5G networks. The latest rumor has it that Samsung has already succeeded in developing the core technology needed for 5G networks to operate. The South Korean giant plans to allow consumers to use it by the year 2020.

The upcoming wireless technology will once again up the stakes when it comes to data service speed. The 5G network is reported to have already been tested with a 28GHz waveband, transmitting data at 1Gbps speed.

Samsung says the new network will allow users to download a whole movie in less than a second. Naturally, the 5G network will also benefit mobile casino games fans, further enriching their experiences.

The current maximum, 4G LTE networks, allow users to reach up to 75Mbps speeds, while the upcoming 5G platform is said to enable both uploads and downloads at several tens of gigabits per second. The rumor suggests that Samsung has used 64 antenna elements, which enable the smartphones to exchange real-time signals.