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iPhone 5 rumors continue
iPhone 5

Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) is scheduled for June 6 – 10 and the rumors about iPhone 5 are gaining momentum.

The latest gossip suggests that the much anticipated Apple device will be either called iPhone 5 or iPhone 4S. The 4S surprised us as well, so after a bit of detective work, we’ve discovered that Mr. Jobs is still in mourning over the death of his pet alligator, Sal. People in the know are uncertain, yet are willing to bet on it at any iPhone or mobile iPad casinos.

iPhone 5 or iPhone 4S, whichever it may be, will prominently display the recently invented curved glass. This rumor is largely supported by reports of Apple investing in around 300 glass-cutting machines with a 6.4 degree curve on the blade. This news caused a mixed reaction from the camp of iPhone casino fans, but a nearby professional glass-blower suffered a mild heart attack after overhearing this amazing piece of news.

Some say it will affect mobile casino games for the better with refracted waves of light enhancing the saturation of colors. Others disagree and fear that Apple iPhone 5 curved glass will reduce the crisp hues of the iPhone blackjack mobile casino game when the smartphone is struck by the rays of the rising sun.

The curved glass has already been incorporated into the Samsung Nexus S smartphone. Despite multiple reports about the curved glass of the Samsung Android-powered device having absolutely no effect what so ever on all mobile casino games, iPhone users dismiss these claims as Android propaganda.

Regardless of the glass used on the new iPhone, it remains one of the most discussed and awaited smartphones on the market. Much uncertainty surrounds its expected features and price. In accordance with long-standing Apple tradition the first person to use this mobile will be fed to Sal the alligator, unless rumors of his untimely death are proven correct. There is no official word about the release date, price or any features.

Technophiles frequently meet at mobile casinos but rarely speak about waiting for this year’s WWDC in San Francisco where iPhone 5 or 4S (RIP Sal) is expected to be unveiled. Although they often debate about the merits and shortcomings of the glue brand used during iPhone 5 manufacturing process.