People camp outside Apple stores again
People camp outside Apple stores again










The new Apple iPhone 6 and iPhone 6+ go on sale today and someone people have been patiently waiting outside, but not for the phone.

Capitalism tends to produce some smart strategies employed by some entrepreneurial people who know a niche market when they see one, and who install themselves to satisfy a demand that they foresee or know to exist already. This is as true of the mobile phone telecommunications sector as it is for any other part of the economy, and numerous handset manufacturers have attempted to lure customers away from their competition with new features, styling or technology. However the largest profit margins to be found in telecommunications today can only be located on the pavements of busy shopping streets in several cities around the world.

iPhone 6 Goes On Sale This Friday

• People camp outside Apple stores again

• Some want Apples brand new iPhone 6 or 6+

• Some queue for new iPhone mobile gambling they can sell their place

On the quaintly compact Regent Street in central London Zoltan Wiettchen is camping outside the Apple Store awaiting the launch of the iphone 6+ about which he cares not one iota. Zoltan isn’t waiting to buy an iphone, he’s waiting to sell his place in the queue. That’s right, there are people sleeping in tents outside a phone shop in London not so they can be the first to get their sticky mitts on the latest in over-priced, badly made, proprietary technology, but so they profit out of those unwilling to queue themselves.

Zoltan expects to make at least a thousand pounds for his efforts which he hopes to use to start a career as a personal trainer. He isn’t alone, another couple who’ve been queuing in shifts are likewise only awaiting someone to offer them money for their reserved place, and thus handset, and, whilst it sounds absolutely insane, the chances are they will actually find someone willing to bid enough for their precious place in the iphone queue, such is the demand for the simplified childish technology Apple pumps out a few years behind Android’s real versions.

Whilst most of us wouldn’t for a moment consider queuing up for days to get an iPhone gambling that someone else will save us from actually having to buy one for ourselves by purchasing our place in the queue, it is a phenomenon that has been in evidence prior to every launch of new Apple handsets. The pavements outside of their stores world wide just before a new one goes on sale looking like a festival for the homeless rather than the gathering of the brainless it actually is. That someone apart from Apple makes money from these foolish fanbois along the way can only be a good thing.