Record smartphone sales and loss at AT&T
AT&T finances

Mobile gamers played their part in helping AT&T to achieve unprecedented smartphone sales figures, yet their efforts weren’t enough to stop the carrier from losing money.

The Q4 2011 figures from AT&T reveal record sales for Android and iOS smartphones. However, the help from mobile casinos fans, who rushed to the carrier to purchase the latest gadgets, wasn’t enough for the company to make profit.

If we compare last year’s figures, smartphone sales were up around 60 percent year on year, an impressive figure indeed. Looking at Q3 2011, the last quarter of the year saw twice as many handhelds sold.

9.4 million smartphones found their way to fans of mobile casino games in Q4 2011 through AT&T. 7.6 million of which were iPhones. According to AT&T representative the majority of those were the newest iPhone 4S. Android casinos regulars helped the company to double the number of green man-powered phones sold, compared to the same quarter last year.

The situation is not that perfect with money at AT&T. Consolidated revenues for Q4 2011 made up $32.5 billion, a slight increase of 3.6 percent over last year’s figures. Despite record-breaking smartphone sales the company still posted a $9 billion operating loss. Back in Q4 2010 the loss was “only” $2.1 billion.

The net loss for Q4 was $6.7 billion, mainly attributed to the failed deal with T-Mobile, as a result of which AT&T had to fork over $4 billion to T-Mobile USA (according to the terms of their merger agreement).