remember strategy chart in blackjack
Blackjack Strategy

Most players new to online blackjack use many bad blackjack strategies that result in consistently losing when playing casino blackjack.

Both experienced players as well as beginners make an array of almost identical mistakes when playing traditional or online casino blackjack.

The key is to remain focused on the game if your strategy involves winning. If you are trying to unwind then go to a masseuse. If you are trying to win, then concentrate on avoiding the following losing black jack strategies and you are sure to win more often.

No matter how complex of a system you are using, it’s failure to remember the basic blackjack strategy chart that causes the most loses.

Always remember to adjust the strategy based on the house rules for that particular casino blackjack table. So you must pick the optimal hand strategy for that particular table.

If you are playing at a table where the dealer can hit on soft 17 (Ace+6) yet you’ve memorized the blackjack strategy chart for a table where the dealer must stand on soft 17, you are in trouble. There is more than one blackjack strategy chart that the casino so thoughtfully provides.

Imagine you are in a new city and are using a map to find your hotel. But no matter how closely you follow the map, you still get lost. It’s because you are using the wrong map.

This applies to blackjack, where we fight tooth and nail for every 0.25% edge over the house. You must use the correct map (hand strategy) for the particular city (particular casino rules for the blackjack table).

Be aware that inside the same casino there could be a number of rules for different tables. Don’t just sit down at the blackjack table and ASSume anything. Read the little placard first to know the fine print.

Always remember that what’s important is that single card the dealer is showing and how it compares to the two cards you have. The blackjack strategy charts are there for you and they work. So work them.

Also don’t sit in Seats 1 and 2 at a blackjack table; those are reserved for suckers, drunks and losers. Sit around the middle, where not only will you clearly see the cards, but will have a little more time to think about the strategy chart.

Concentration is the key, so make sure you pay careful attention to the game and never set your brain on cruise control.