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More leaked pics of the budget iPhone
Budget iPhone

More rumors and alleged pictures of the budget iPhone surface on the internet, sparking another round of hot discussions.

The first leaked images of the upcoming budget iPhone casino tool appeared on the internet last week. Now, another set of pictures and a video are making their rounds across forums and websites. The recent images are in line with the previously leaked materials suggesting the device is real and will be presented soon.

The recent leak showcases the iPhone mobile gambling device as a smartphone with a 4-inch screen in a polycarbonate body. Sources close to the production facility claim that despite the plastic nature of the smartphone, the budget iPhone is very well built.

However, we have to consider the source where the latest leak came from. It’s the renowned Chinese producer of device copies named Techdy. Naturally, readers are advices to take the latest rumors with caution until anything official shows up from Cupertino company itself.

The most common suggestion for the release date of the budget iPhone is September-October, when the iOS 7 is scheduled to launch officially. However, since nothing like this has ever come from Apple until now, they might not wait until the big event, and release the budget device earlier.

In any case we will continue to monitor the news and report on all developments to keep our readers up-to-date.