Buffalo Bill's
Buffalo Bill’s

The Buffalo Bill’s Resort & Casino now offers bilingual blackjack tables, giving players a chance to speak either English or Spanish as they gamble.

Mexicans, Cubans, and Puerto Ricans – the Hispanic/Latino community in the United States is strong and growing stronger. In areas where the Latino population is highest, many business offer bilingual services. The casinos of Las Vegas have been slow to embrace this change, but one gambling operator in particular, Herbst Gaming, is taking action.

One of Herbst Gaming’s primary properties is the Buffalo Bill’s Resort & Casino, located some 35 miles south of Las Vegas. The casino recently added bilingual blackjack card games to their casino floor to cater to the casino’s Hispanic market. The dealers at these tables are fluent in both English and Spanish, and the table felts are now printed in two languages, giving the games a unique place in the Nevada gambling scene. Buffalo Bill’s is now the only place where Spanish speaking gamblers can play blackjack in Las Vegas.

“The Hispanic market is a growing demographic for Primm Valley Casino Resorts,” says Michael Starr, executive vice president of Primm Valley Casino Resorts. “We are very excited to launch these bilingual tables at one of our properties and serve a large portion of our customer base.”

Maria Macedo, who oversees the bilingual tables, says the new tables are proving to be quite popular. “I’ve been in the business for 26 years, and I’ve never seen Spanish-speaking people playing blackjack like this. It’s unbelievable.”

The casino has already changed the course of blackjack history, but they want more. The owners are already thinking about adding bilingual options to other games, or even creating a whole bilingual casino pit.