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New variation of Blackjack poker
Blackjack Bonus

A now forgotten variation of video poker and blackjack has been recently re-discovered by casinos and re-introduced to a whole new generation of players – Black Jack Bonus Poker.

This interesting game should not be confused with either standard blackjack card games or poker. Blackjack Bonus Poker has nothing to do with players trying to get closer to twenty-one than the dealer to win. It also isn’t exactly poker, yet uses similar hand values. Here, any Jacks of the black suit (spades and clubs), must be the kicker (fifth card) to win.

Blackjack Bonus Poker is an older IGT video poker flavor, now re-introduces on the new IGT 6.0 Game Maker platform. It has also been introduced on AVP’s platform, with an additional option to have forty-eight video poker games as well as fourteen keno games.

With a maximum bet of five coins, Black Jack Bonus Poker has the following payouts:

• 4,000 coins for a royal flush
• 4,000 coins for four aces with a (jack of spades or clubs) as the kicker
• 2,000 coins for quads of 2, 3, or 4, with a (jack of spades or clubs) as the kicker
• 800 coins for quads of 5 – to kings with a (jack of spades or clubs) as the kicker
• 800 coins for quads of aces or (jack of spades or clubs) as the kicker
• 400 coins for quads of 2, 3 and 4 without the kicker
• 250 coins for a straight flush

Players in need of a break from card counting systems at the blackjack table, should look no further and try this game. This volatile machine pays out on multiple win combinations, yet much less frequently than the competing blackjack machines yet for larger prizes. This game will definitely raise some pulses, yet nevertheless it’s a fun alternative to standard blackjack, poker or slots video machines. This game has a 9/6 payout and an expected return of a whopping 98.10 percent; turning it into a real money-maker if you can handle the volatility.