first game of blackjack

In spite of spending your days and nights tirelessly trying to learn everything about the game of blackjack, there’s nothing that can prepare you for your first real casino game. Sitting at the casino gaming table, all that knowledge can simply fly out the window because you succumb to an attack of nerves. But don’t be too worried. Providing you’ve chosen a table with lower betting limits, then all the more experienced players will be only too happy if you reach out to them for help and advice.

How to Handle Your First Game of Blackjack 

If you’re a more serious gambler, then there are going to be times during your gambling career when you go to feel unprepared and even out of place. Now some gamblers love these circumstances. They thrive under pressure. Yet conversely, many are more worried about losing their first game of blackjack. It’s interesting that no matter how much preparation you’ve done, there’s a good chance you’ll still be nervous the first time you sit down at the blackjack table.

The First Game Of Blackjack Is Terrifying

When you first play blackjack at the casino then we suggest you don’t jump in feet first without your life jacket. As a new experience, along with the pressure of maintaining a bankroll, it can be quite terrifying. If you’re surrounded by more experienced players, then you may struggle to keep your head above water. Of course, in a perfect world, we would be playing blackjack against our friends and family.

first game of blackjack
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In other words, someone we can rely on to give us trustworthy advice. Unfortunately, when playing at the casino, whether in a real brick and mortar building or live dealer game online, you’ll find little time and sympathy coming your way. So let’s have a look at some of the factors that are coming into play that will help a new blackjack player handle the first game with aplomb.

There’s No Such Thing as Over Preparing

As with all things in life, practice makes perfect. And when it comes to blackjack, you can never be over-prepared. We suggest that if you can’t be bothered to find the time or put in the energy to learn how to play blackjack, then you certainly shouldn’t be taking a seat at the casino blackjack table. Of course, if money is the issue, then feel free to knock yourself out. But with this attitude, you might be better off and have a more enjoyable time playing luck-based games like roulette or the slots. Keep in mind that blackjack has a very very strict set of online blackjack card game rules. There is also blackjack table etiquette to consider. As well as learning the perfect blackjack strategies which you should follow at all times during your first game of blackjack.

A good idea is to head over to an online casino like King Billy Casino. Make use of their “free-play” option for blackjack. This gives you free blackjack practice without you having to spend a single cent. Only when you’re feeling more confident in your abilities should you start gambling with your bankroll.

Don’t Try And Get Creative In Your First Game Of Blackjack

If you come from playing poker, then you’ll quickly realize that there are not multiple effective strategic approaches that you can pick and choose from in blackjack.

first game of blackjack
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That’s because, for every move in blackjack, there’s optimum gameplay. In fact, playing by the book is the universally accepted and recognized method by which you can hopefully score some winnings. Furthermore, blackjack is a game that combines both luck and skill. To be a good player you need to be efficient and have an intelligent approach to the gameplay. Your first game of blackjack is not a game where you can think about being creative in your approach. In fact, such behavior would be frowned upon and generally viewed as coming from a subpar player. If you’re not familiar with the game, then you’re certainly going to struggle to pick up any blackjack strategies.

That’s why we suggest that you invest time and energy in learning the rules. As well as all the strategies. This will allow you to achieve the optimum results for every hand played.

Know What Kind of Player You Are

As the Greek philosopher, Socrates once said, “Know thyself.” It’s important that you understand your playing style. And how your table presence will be your first game of blackjack. If you want to gain favor with the other players around the table, then you’ll find that consistency is the key.

first game of blackjack
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When it comes to blackjack, it’s better to have a steady hand on the tiller. Should you compare blackjack players to those playing poker, you’ll see that the latter players can be either passive or aggressive. Of course, there’s a lot more going into the style of play for blackjack players. But one of the most stand-out qualities you’ll need is that of confidence. Before you sit down and start your first game of blackjack we suggest that you answer the five following questions:

  • Am I confident enough in my social abilities as a player?
  • Which table position would relax me the most?
  • Is aggressive play best for this table?
  • Should I become more conservative when I lose multiple hands?
  • How should I deal with polarising card combinations?

Your First Game of Blackjack: Don’t Start In a Bad Spot

You’d be surprised how many novice blackjack players, especially those new to the game, find themselves in awful positions that could easily be avoided. Being able to survive at the blackjack table, let alone make some money, is an uphill struggle. To help you achieve this, you need to be in a good spot to start with at your first game of blackjack.

first game of blackjack
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Over and over we see blackjack players making the classic basic mistake of simply picking the wrong table. We’re not saying that one table is superior or luckier than another. But what is certain is that some tables are just better for new players. On the whole, the less expensive the table betting limits, then the better it will be for novices players and beginners.

Stick With Lower Table Betting Limits

It’s simply common sense that lower table minimums are going to attract less-skilled players. And that you might think yourself superior, when in fact, you’re a beginner just like them.  The main consideration for joining a lower table limit game is that you can play for longer by betting less money. You’ll find that all casinos that offer you the chance to play blackjack games online, like King Billy Casino, will offer very low table betting limits as a given. This will allow you to stretch out your bankroll. Unfortunately, there is a downside to joining a table stacked with beginners. In many ways, they are undesirable table-mates. That’s because, on the whole, they might not know what they’re really doing. Therefore they have the potential to ruin your first game of blackjack.

If The Game Moves Fast; Slow it Down

When you’re playing at the brick-and-mortar casino or at a live dealer game streaming over the internet, you’ll come across some games that are moving incredibly fast. Now if you happen to be a professional and talented gambler, then this could be great news. But for an absolute beginner or a novice who’s just learning the ropes, then this is a disaster waiting to happen. After all, a professional gambler looks to play quickly in order to ensure the highest chance of turning a profit. They have the experience that allows decision-making capabilities to keep up with the relatively fast pace of play. This is the main reason why you should avoid higher table minimums. Not just that you will lose your bankroll in a matter of minutes. But also it will destroy your confidence before you even get started.

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Your First Game of Blackjack: Take Regular Breaks

If you stick with blackjack tables with less intense gamblers, then you may be able to slow the game down somewhat. Yes, it’s indeed the dealer who has the ultimate say on the speed of the gameplay. But if you’re surrounded by other blackjack players who are taking their time to make the best decision possible, then it’ll slow down everything for your benefit.  You can be sure that all the new players playing their first game of blackjack will be feeling self-conscious at the table. As it is given, we always recommend that you take intermittent breaks and leave the table. Take a walk around the gaming floor. Or even go outside the casino. This will help to clear your head and stop you from stagnant thinking at the game’s table.