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Free navigation from HTC
Free navi from HTC

Mobile gamblers delighted as HTC announced free voice-guided navigation via its Locations app.

Not wanting to lag behind the major players HTC enables the free voice-guided navigation through its Locations app. Fans of mobile casinos can now easily find their way home in case they get lost playing particularly long mobile games.

The Locations app is available on all HTC Windows Phone powered smartphones. The move mainly target competition from Windows Phone enabled Nokia Lumia handsets. The free navigation is a major plus to all Windows mobile gambling enabled phones.

The Locations app will ensure that owners can download maps for offline use as well. Turn-by-turn voice navigation for both driving and walking will also be supported, this way mobile casino games enthusiasts will have another great feature to enjoy on all HTC WP run smartphones.

The Locations app for HTC phones was created by TomTom, this way the navigation map coverage is pretty great. Besides, all Windows Phone powered devices have GPS receivers, which allows users to replace specific SatNav units with smartphones.

In order to enjoy free navigation on HTC phones, users will have to download the latest updates and start getting those maps.