The developer of fun, free apps with launch real-money versions of several of its games.

iGaming developer GameAnax will transition from free-to-play iPhone games to iPhone gambling, cutting a deal with virtual monetization platform Cashplay to offer real-money versions of its existing portfolio of games. The first game to launch in a real-money format will be the popular “Go Karts” game, which allows players to compete head-to-head in tournament play.

Bandwagoning on trend to increase revenue

Numerous other developers have moved from free-to-play games to real-money offerings in recent years. One example is Zynga, which started by developing social media games like Farmville and Bubble Safari before launching gambling apps ZyngaPlusPoker and ZyngaPlusCasino in early 2013. Zynga’s games are now available via mobile device.

Jarrod Epps of Cashplay added that moving to real-money apps can be necessary to maintain profitability as a company grows: “Achieving high revenue from free-to-play games is never easy and it usually comes at a cost of distracting your users with advertising and in-app purchases.”

GameAnax’s games will be real-money but provide a welcome alternative to users no interested in mobile casino games. They will be available on the iOS and Android platforms.