gamzio-300414Gamzio mobile

The US social game developer will make its first foray into the world of real-money casino mobile apps.

The mobile gaming company Gamzio Mobile recently launched its first-ever real-money gambling app available at the Apple Store. Gamzio is based in California, where online and mobile gambling are prohibited. However, the app will be available to Apple users in the UK.

The developer has been making non-for-money games for some time, but the recent move is its first attempt to tap into the billion-dollar international iGaming industry. Gamzio’s app will be a welcome addition to the growing iPhone mobile gambling niche. While the iOS platform has fewer casino and betting apps than its competitor Android, it has made serious strides over the past two years.

Gamzio specializes in mobile slot games

Gamzio’s most popular game is a mobile slot called Slots-O-Luck Adventure, which was first released as a social casino game last year. It will now be available in a real-money versions. Gamzio is following the path trodden by developers like Zynga and Big Fish, who started off making not-for-money social games before taking the plunge into the world of real-money iGaming.

Gamzio CEO Jason Deiboldt had this to say: “Our #1 priority with Gamzio’s expansion into real-money gaming is to provide players with exclusive game content, unrivaled support and the fastest, most reliable banking transactions offered on mobile.”