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Doreen-HayDoreen Hay

Doreen Hay, Daily Mirror regular reader, wins GBP 7.5 million on the Lottery and already has plans to give some for charity, as well as her ex-husband.

Hay won along with her son John and plans to give an overall of GBP 1.5 million away for charity and family needs. She commented her decision: “The real thrill is to give the money away. What am I going to do with it all? I am 70 years old. I have never been abroad, I don’t even have a passport.”

The pair won GBP 3.75 million each, without employing any casino strategies, and decided to both give GBP 500,000 each to Doreen’s ex-husband, because “he is such a nice person”. Doreen added: “He deserves it. We got on better once we divorced because I stopped nagging him.”

Doreen plans to continue with her lifestyle

After she realized they’ve won the big jackpot, she called her co-winning son who went to celebrate with her.

Doreen plans after the win, which she found out about after checking the numbers in the Sunday Mirror include moving to a bungalow and help her three grandchildren, from her other son, as well as seven other relatives. Perhaps she also might try her luck at mobile bingo and win again in the future.

John, Doreen’s son is planning a trip to Disney World with his partner Susan Robinson and her children.

Hay concluded: “It won’t change me. Last night I had fish fingers for tea – I don’t even like them. I thought, ‘I’m worth GBP 3.5 million and I’m having fish bloody fingers’.”