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The allure of playing blackjack in a traditional casino is obvious, particularly in a glamorous locations like Las Vegas or Monte Carlo. What is less obvious to a novice blackjack player is the impact that subtle things like table manners and casino etiquite can have on your game. Players who are not accustomed to playing blackack in a live casino can also be overwhelmed by distractions that are not present when playing online.

If you want to learn how to play and win casino blackjack, here are some tips to optimize your chances of coming out ahead.

Know your game

If you plan on playing to win, get serious about your homework and learn all you can the style of blackjack card games you are going to play. Study and memorize the rules before you hit the casino, and don’t expect to learn the game as you go. It’s not a smart idea to dive headfirst into a new blackjack game without first knowing exactly what to expect.

Strategy counts

There is always an optimal move for every blackjack hand. Deciding how to play requires looking at not only your hand, but the player’s hand as well. You must also consider the house rules, as these can effect your decision. Study blackjack strategy charts for the game you will be playing to learn the best way to respond to each hand.


People in a casino are still people and the best way to have a great blackjack game or career is to be polite and respectful to everyone you meet, from fellow players to dealers and pit bosses. Check out our page on casino etiquette and table manners if you need advice.


We like drinking. So don’t take it the wrong way when we tell you: don’t drink enough to get drunk. It’s a pretty safe bet that the only thing you’ll be able to count is the money you’ve lost after you sober up. It’s also rude to hold up a game ordering drinks while making other players wait for you. And don’t forget to tip the waitress even if you’re just drinking water.


Most professional blackjack players don’t really consider luck, they consider statistics. If a table is dealing out consistently bad cards, it could be that the good cards have already been dealt, or it could just be a coincidence. But whatever the reason, it definitely has nothing to do with luck. Leave your luck at home, because when playing blackjack, all you need is your brain.