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inventor of Java joins Android
Android Strategy

In a move that mobile sector analysts call ‘brilliant’, Google hired Mr. James Gosling, the inventor of the Java programming language.

Google announced this week the hire of Mr. James Gosling, the programmer guru who invented the Java programming language at Sun Microsystems.

Mr. Gosling will not have a formal job description at Google, but since the Android operating system is written partially in Java, it’s a good bet that he will be heavily involved in that region of Google’s vast empire.

Google and Android OS are sure to benefit in a number of ways. First, Google is currently involved in a lawsuit with Oracle over alleged Android patent infringement specifically related to Java.

Last year, Sun Microsystems was acquired by Oracle, and Mr. Gosling chose to quit. Oracle decided to sue Google for copyright and patent infringement claiming that Android’s Dalvik software is almost identical to Java. Java is the programming language used to create a good portion of mobile casino software and platforms.

Mr. Gosling, as the inventor of the programming language and the holder of some of the patents, will be able to provide Google with ways to rewrite Android’s Java code as to not infringe on any patents.

The second benefit which Google gains by hiring Mr. Gosling is the prestige. Top programmers from MIT and Cal Tech will be drawn to Android and Google for a chance to work with Mr. Gosling.

The influx of top programming talent will speed up development of faster and more efficient version of the Android OS which is sure to benefit Android casinos.

Java gained worldwide popularity due to its ability to protect and isolate different software layers as well as being able to operate on multiple operating systems without a need for any code modifications.