Problems with iPhone 5 processor
iPhone 5 on fire

Intriguing rumors shed light on a theory why Apple keeps delaying the release of the next generation iPhone.

iPhone mobile gambling fans are sick and tired of waiting for the promised iPhone 5. Now there are some new rumors about why Apple keeps putting the release date further and further away. Sources close to production stipulate that the new dual-core Apple A5 chip is to blame.

Steve Jobs may be good at creating a media buzz, or holding mind blowing seances where he allegedly contacts the deceased pets of his heroes, but the A5 chip has been a mistake. Some claim that Apple lacks the deep knowledge required to produce top notch processors, others say that he isn’t Japanese. I myself am not sure. When he channeled the spirit of Emperor Hirohito’s cat, he sure looked Japanese to me.

Fans of iPhone casinos were disappointed to learn that the upcoming A5 processor, featured in the new iPhone, has been allegedly causing the device to overheat.

Considering mobile casino games generate hot enough action by themselves, no one wants their smartphone to overheat in their hands. Current rumors could  be true, since the new iPhone promises to be even slimmer than the predecessor, making the cooling process that more difficult.

Additionally the new processor received a second core, naturally producing even more heat. Further rumors suggest that unless Apple finds a solution fast, the next iPhone will be merely a clone of the current device, giving the company more time to focus on the heat problem at the expense of infuriating hardcore fans.

Some mobile gamers see this as good news, as they will receive more time to spend at mobile casinos with iPhone 4, which provides them with a mind blowing mobile casino gaming experience already. And as my grandmother used to say – “sometimes change is not particularly good, I miss the telegraph.” In any case, the majority of Apple fans are furious over the fact that they will have to wait even longer to hold the precious iPhone 5 in their hands.

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