Fresh iPhone 5 rumors
iPhone 5 rumors

The new iPhone 5 rumor batch focuses on a huge display for the upcoming Apple wonder-phone.

Sources claim that the much anticipated Apple iPhone 5 will offer all fans of mobile casino gambling an enormous 4.6 inch screen.

Even though the rumor was reported by the internationally acclaimed Reuters news agency, we have to take it with a pinch of salt. The jump from 3.5 to 4.6 screen is too radical even for Apple. Although we wouldn’t mind a bigger display offering a better way to enjoy mobile casino games.

Another part of the fresh rumor is the release date of the new iPhone. Apparently Apple will unveil the next iPhone casinos gambling tool sometime in Q2 this year. Again hard to believe so, since the iPhone 4S was announced just 9 months ago and Apple usually takes its time in between the launches.

Last time around Apple put the smartphone on the shelves around the holidays, and this strategy worked out quite well for the iPhone 4S, which sold in record numbers. There’s little reason to believe that the Cupertino company will alter the release date of their new device.

However, there’s no stopping the chit-chat among iPhone fans and regulars of mobile casinos. Both groups would certainly enjoy the bigger screen and unbelievably close release date. Well, only time will tell, we will keep monitoring the news sources and report back to you.