iPhone 5S rumors
New Apple devices

iPhone 5S and the new iPad release dates are already on the lips of every self-respecting mobile casino gamer.

Next to widespread rumors of the iPhone 5 not living up to Apple’s expectations and the subsequent share price falls, the gossip about the new generation of the iPhone casino tool are filling the internet discussion boards.

According to some sources the newest mobile casino tamer from Cupertino is supposed to enter the mass production stages somewhere in July this year, meaning it will go on sale a couple of months later.

On top of the iPhone 5S rumors, or whatever the name you want to call it, there is also chit-chat on the upcoming iPad lineup. The new iPad Mini with Retina display and the iPad 5 are expected to hit the stores in October. The iPad casino monsters will supposedly retain the current design, but deliver a much improved set of specifications.

The upgrades inside the upcoming iPhone 5S are rumored to include a much faster processor, and a brand new 13MP camera sensor made by Sony. The new smartphone will also come with a better LED flash. As for the design – it is widely expected to remain unchanged from the iPhone 5 model.

One other feature, which is rumored to be included in the iPhone 5S, is the fingerprint scanner, based on the Authentec tech, which Apple has purchased last summer. The scanner will eliminate the need to enter a numerical password in order to protect the smartphones from unauthorized access.